Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Windows Vista 7 Versions: Start Weeping

Windows Vista is coming out with 7 different versions. I got confused just writing about it. There’s a Starter Version, for 3rd world countries—or New Orleans. Take your pick. They split XP Pro into something called SE and EE. Then there’s the Ultimate Edition. Then there’s Home and Home Premium.

It’s most likely that MS is wanting to bring their outer products back into the core fold. Like their Media Center PCs with Windows Media Center, they’ll rename to Vista Home Premium. Windows CE? Starter Vista. Windows Server? SE or EE. It’s business overcoming the need to be a product. Some idiot buyer is going to buy an OS flavor that doesn’t suit him, waste sixteen hundred dollars on upgrades, buy a gun, and kill Ballmer/Gates…shhh…exnay on the lanpay.

I thought the next generation of OSes was supposed to be BETTER than the old ones? OSX86 needs to come now!

Monday, August 29, 2005




This is why I have Apple Stock. Oh come on. Is this not the coolest thing for a corporation to…wait. While I believe it’s in Apple’s best interest to gain marketshare by educating the young, it’s another thing to create an entire secondary school for that purpose.

For some reason, it gives off death smells. Like Steve Jobs is in a rush to leave a legacy. Like he has only 4 years to live or something.

I don’t get why more rich ppl don’t build schools. It’s like building a fraternizing, little army from the baby up.


Don't get traced: How to Cloak Your IP Via Proxy

Now, we’ve all been banned from forums, IRC chans, and/or DC hubs before. Usually, it’s a temporary thing, for a minor infraction.

But…what if an op disagreed with your views on abortion? An op disagreed on your views about the way government should be run? An op disagreed with your Platonic utopian ideologies—well, to cut it short, don’t stir the pot in hubs. You’ll only get burned, flamed, then banned.

So, while these forums act like their all technorati to the extent of calling themselves the Scene, it’s not really a place for disagreement or skepticism. IE, don’t expect intellectual discourse.

But if you’ve fallen into that trap and are too impatient to wait for you temp ban to disappear—here’s what you do.

Windows XP Only

www.your-freedom.net proxy forwarding program
A SOCKs capable client such as DC++, MIRC or whatever.


  1. Install YF

  2. Run the Config, the main purpose here is to get a YF account and get a server list.

  3. Run Your Sock capable client

  4. Go to the client’s settings and look for something to do with socks.
       Address: ________   Port: _________
Should be something like the above.

       Input these into the blank lines.
  Address: localhost___      Port: 1080

Well, the port depends on what you configged your YF to be but by default it is 1080.

  1. Now connect to your chan/hub/whatever.

  2. Your ip in this client is the ip in your proxy.

Done. Now go away.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Podcast Review: President's Weekly Address 8/27/05

During the past two weeks, Prime Minister Sharon and the Israeli people took a courageous and painful step by removing Israeli settlements in Gaza and parts of the northern West Bank. I congratulate the Prime Minister for his bold leadership.
Now that Israel has withdrawn, the way forward is clear. The Palestinians must show the world that they will fight terrorism and govern in a peaceful way. We will continue to help the Palestinians to prepare for self government and to defeat the terrorists who attack Israel and oppose the establishment of a peaceful Palestinian state.



The terrorists are trying to stop the rise of democracy in Iraq because they know a free Iraq will deal a decisive blow to their strategy to dominate the Middle East. But the Iraqi people are determined to build a free future for their nation, and they are uniting against the terrorists.


Look I’m all for invading Iraq. I mean, it had to be done some day. I mean, you can’t piss off a Middle Eastern country forever. Better to slit their throats now than have them atomic bomb you later. But if you can’t win thoroughly—which the Americans have shown that they can’t---then you make peace. You can’t fight China, the Middle East, and the last dying remnant of communism that is North Korea all at once. And certainly not by yourself.

Well, you could try. And you could die. Very, very hard.

Anyways I thought, this Potus Podcast was especially weird since he was using words like domination and strategy and power in a reflective way. Saying that it was the enemy doing these things when we’re practically doing the same thing but from the flip perspective.

Don't get me wrong. Governments aren’t supposed to be honest. They’re supposed to keep the citizens safe, healthy, content, and fed. But for god’s sakes, don’t sound like a dick when you do your governin’, governor.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Battlestar Galaciata 2x06 Home pt 1

For those that haven’t seen this episode, or care about BSG, I’m gonna apologize beforehand.

I don’t know. I’ve just listened to the BSG 2x06 commentary and while Ron Moore means well—there’s several ugly spots in the directing of the Sixth Episode.

Granted, another guy directed it but still—there’s a bunch of stuff in that episode that didn’t sit right.

  1. Why did Apollo kiss Starbuck? The thing with them is that their history and Starbuck’s penchant to infidelity keeps them apart. And there were nothing in the previous episodes that would give Apollo any reason to kiss her in the mouth.

  1. And if Apollo kissed her in the mouth, why did he recant his ‘I love you’ statement?

  1. Why are civilians going on a military mission? I understand Rosalyn and Elosia going but the Councilman and Evil Sidekick shouldn’t have been allowed to drop down on planet Whatever.

  1. Why was there a Bug eyed view of Adama as he made his choice of reuniting the fleet, or leaving Rosalyn and her cohorts by themselves? It was very Alienish. I half expected him to be attacked by a man wearing a silicon costume.

  1. And why does Adama allow Dualla so much leeway, what with the touching of hands and stuff. I mean, sure, she’s the communications officer but there’s no backstory of why she can do this.

These may be nitpicks but I doubt it. The whole episode felt a little off. Different choice of camera views and other little things. Disrupted the general flow of the story a bit. I did like the George birch arc, although I wish that the original plot had been kept. George Birch’s error made horrific by a death. Adama’s subsequent guilt. A good leader makes good decisions but should also try to fix/weather his bad ones as well.


Gaming Review Pt 2: FPS BF2 vs CS

Okay, I recant. I do Reviews too early. Like Guild Wars, I may have jumped the gun with Battlefield 2. The helicopters are way too powerful on some maps. Planes are hard to counter too but it doesn’t matter since they can’t cap flags. Copters on the other hand are crazy hard to take down by yourself. Not only that, they can heal themselves. That’s my only problem with the game so far though. Plus the respawn times. People respawn too quickly. They should double respawn times. Or do away with the ticket thing altogether.
Seriously, it takes all the danger and adrenalin out of the game.

That said, I’m prolly going to get counter strike. It’s a lot more adrenalin-thumpin.

On a side note, here’s a picture of a shrimp being boiled alive.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Comic Character 1: Mr. Canada

Here’s a few pictures I drew during my 2-hour clerkin’ dayjob.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

For some reason, the guy in the picture is Canadian. I think Canada is a funny word. I mean, it’s a huge country, it’s French, and it’s supposedly socialist---But 75 percent of the land is like frozen-over unlivable hell, only a couple of cities have modern infrastructure, the Canadians there don’t even speak French, and lastly, the entire city of Toronto could be called Little Hong Kong. Awesome. And to top it off, it has legalized marijuana. Any Congregational Political system that allows itself to legalize marijuana is all right in my book. Hell, fraggin marijuana is a helluva less addictive, has less side effects, and the people have been using it for hundreds of years.

I’m not knocking pharmaceuticals. They are good for major shit like infections and the like. But come on. What kind of cure makes you choose between chronic pain and chronic bowel sickness?

The only side effect I’ve gotten from hash was a hankering for pure peanut butter. Wait. That’s not true. There was the Morning After Daze. The 4 minute Whooping Cough. And Wonder Woman.

Okay. I’m out.

Monday, August 22, 2005


I am So Going to Buy this

I'm not going to say anything. You have to be Mormon not to like this thing. No offense to Mormons, though. I'm a big fan of polygamy.


Podcast Review: One Good One Bad

Nerdblurb.com is not really that informative. But it’s funny. It’s kinda like if Abbot and Costello were slashdotters and technogeeks.

Super ultra funny.

Wehatetech, however, sucks awful. They pretend too much to be geeks. In fact, they feel a bit corporate.



Saturday, August 20, 2005


Gaming Review

Battlefield 2. Well, I haven’t played the first one but it sure is a lot of mindless fun. In CS, there’s a bit of skill involved. In Battlefield, it’s a lot more By Consensus. For instance, a team consisting of a majority of average players will fulfill their objectives faster than a team with just two or three superstars. In fact, these superstars will actually get killed faster.

So I’m at odds here. Should I get frantic mouseclicking carpal inducing superstar based CS or Battlefield 2?

Who am I kidding? I’m getting both. Cough.

Thursday, August 18, 2005



I’m listening to the President’s podcast. Which is pretty good. I mean, I don’t like the man but fireside chats and weekly reports to the people are a GOOD idea. After all, a good government is an employee to the people. And as an employer, I demand progress reports.

But the guy has really bad speech writers. I mean, enemies of ‘freedom’? What the hell does that mean? ‘We shall help the Iraqi’s defend their country’—wait, didn’t we just occupy them?

If John Kerry wasn’t such a dork, Bush Jr. would have never won. What president takes a 5-week vacation during a war? For gad’s sake.

Who did I vote for? I voted for Bush. Why? Cuz Kerry didn’t really explain his health plan, or his social security plans. Nor did he explain how he was going to solve the outsourcing problem America faces. Well he did, but I don’t care for shit like unions and his simple measures. You can go online and google Kerry’s plans but that’s a big hassle. I can sum it up in a word. Conservative.

Strangely enough, Bush was the one with the more capitalistic view on the economy but his shit is really bullshit right now. Importing stuff from china is such a hassle now. Japanese Camry’s are now almost as expensive as BMWs. For god’s sake, it’s fraggin Camry’s.

Incidentally enough, my older brother would have voted for Bush too but for entirely different reasons. He looks ‘mean.’ Which is true. I mean, he’s got one hostile western cowboy demeanor to him. But is Andrew Jackson the type of chief that USA should be lookin’ fer, or a Bismarckian one, one that can fuck up fuckers without getting dirt on our shoes—you know, from the digging of the mass graves.

Argh. Richard Dun out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Testing a Msft Word Plugin

Testing Blogger For Word

I am Testing BFW, so there’s nothing interesting of note.

Supposedly, this Blog plugin from Google will post from my Microsoft Word document to my Blogger site, directly, without preamble and gufferhocky.

(On second thought, I have been making a lot of comics at the clerk job recently so maybe I’ll post the black and whites up. Maybe. After I touch em up a lil.)

Here's the site for the Word/Blogger plugin.


Firefox Help

Here's the Problem.
It's a complete waste of space to copy your settings.

Number one, the minute you change your settings on one computer, you have to change it on the other.

Number two, there's no documentation so the installer/human has to be the de-installer. This manual business is flaky cuz who knows what the program has done to the registry since then. Porting Firefox is also flaky when it comes to java. A Firefox port will close automatically if Java isn't reinstalled.

Here's what I want

While I know that it's stupid to share settings via one location, networks are far too unreliable for that, and you never know who might be snooping. Encrypting it keeps it somewhat safe but when it comes to browsing, fast is better than safe.

So Here's What I Want.

Say I'm on MainPC and I've just found an extension called Pornfinder. I hit search and the extension plops 10 or so links into a folder called Pornlinks in my bookmarks.

Here's the magic. I go to the bathroom to jerk off. Fuck! Amnesia! No jerkoff image! Luckily, my MM20 Sharp is nearby...damn! Only 20gb of storage! I don't put any porn here! Where's my links? Shit! No links! What do I do?

Autosync with the MainPC and grab any new data off it. Any new extensions would be added, any deleted extensions subtracted. Any new bookmarks, changes to css, mods, etc.

Anybody know how to do this? I think java might have to be used because I'd like to have it cross platform--then again, how are you going to access an app without using the api that they give you?

Plus how do you manage the network permissions and stuff? This is beyond my ability to accomplish but I would gladly pay someone to do a template of this for me. If not cross platform then at least for X Windows.

Monday, August 15, 2005


How To: Spot a Bullshit Review

Here's an excerpt of the Sandisk Sansa review over at....wtf were they called?

News Update (6/23/05): SanDisk has informed me that a new firmware update will soon be available at their website allowing users to create a single playlist in their Sansa e100 series MP3 player. The modern age of user programmable firmware updates is wonderful. We are looking forward to seeing it.

- Kevin Nakano

Now the funny thing is the stuff in bold. Firmware update as of 7/16/05. Zero. Big fat Zero.

Now the other funny thing is the phrase 'user programmable firmware updates'.
Let me whip my Sansa SDK out...oh wait a minute, that's right! It doesn't fuckin' exist!

I'm calling bullshit on this one. In my country, we call these websites 'shills'. And then we stone them. When I say stone, i don't mean with granite, what with the heavy lifting bad for my back and all; I mean, we wall them up, Edgar Allen Poe style.
Read More


Design a T-shirt, Asshole.

Engadget has a new contest.
Guess what it is.
Ah, Asian Cow-Tipping. Why Asian Cows? Because they're mad diesel. You might never have seen one but their mean as hell. They aren't gigantic but their muscular. They also have this half-glare that...mmmm...tasty beef---wait, where was I?

Design a T-shirt contest!

The due date is the 28th of the 8th month of 2005-->that's next week from today, btw.
So get cracking. You get a cool mp3 phone so it's a prize worth at least one hour of your creative talent.

I'm not very creative but I am a big cheater.
Sun Tzu Bingfa #1: Know your enemyjudges.
Here's what Peter Rojas looks like.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Here's a pan of Peter and his sidekick, Ryan Block (hah, yeah, and richard dun is my real name. Pshaw.)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Remember. Judges are human. And subjective. Thank god. God knows I hate creative people.


How To: Travel with Your Firefox -Windows XP

What I want to do:
Fraggin install all my extensions, all my preferences, all my passwords to shitty forums I'll never EVER remember, all my bookmarks and all the MODs I've made to MY Firefox, on any box. Without the hassle.

Now, I'm sure you've seen Templeton's vbs rollout over at FFDEPLOY.
I could never really get FFDeploy to work because:
1. I dont admin a network or need to roll out more than 10 computers at a time.
2. I don't have the necessary tools to remotely call out vbscripts.
and 3. His shit gets a bit complicated.


Here's what I did to port my extensions from my Old computer to the New computer.

Go to your Program Files and Grab the entire C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox
Winace this up and call it ::PROGRA::

Step 2:
Go to your C:\Document Settings\[Your User Name]\Application Data\Mozilla
Grab everything here, ace it up and call it ::APPLIED::
-So Now you have two folders, Mozilla Firefox in your PROGRA and Mozilla in your APPLIED

Put PROGRA and APPLIED in the new computer. Whatever Directory you want them in. Doesnt matter. Just remember where you put them though.

-Go to (the drive you want to port FF on, no shit):\Documents and Settings\(name of your login)\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\(your active profile name)\chrome\chrome.rdf
-search and replace any of your old links so that it'll point to your APPLIED location.
Per ejemplo:

X and Y don't matter. Just make the new computer know where to find the new location of the .jar files. If you don't change the rdf file correctly, you get no formatting; it just looks like a big vbscript window with mashed up words like "File" and "Edit" all jumbled in one corner.

That's about it for Windows XP. Of course, what this does to your registry, I've no idea. As such I recommend you uninstall firefox before you install FFOX the Geekomon way.

Or you could do it the correct way, the FFDeploy Way with all the SFX and VBS and nice auto detecting of your the login names n'stuff. The general idea is the same though. Point the program to where the extensions are. The program will generate all the memory shit later.

Here's a piture of my firefox:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Podcast News: Nerdblurb

One of the podcasts that I listen to--site: Nerdblurb--had this really funny podcast news I wanted to share.

They talk about games, technology, Apple News, and almost all things that are happening in the Old Religion of Geek-In-Front-Of-Computer-and-Playstation-ism.

So they said--hahahah-that---oh man it's funny. Go to MSN.com and do a search for 'gay nerd'--hahah, the very SECOND entry is NERDBLURB.com.

Hahaha. Mad funny. A side effect of making gay jokes(not vindicitive, biting ones but harmless, poking fun ones.) is that MSN will give gay traffic to you.

Hey, any traffic is good traffic.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Engadget Iced Out Gadget Contest Entry

Here's my iced out engadget entry.
The contest is to hip-hop or cool-ize or put diamonds on your tech gear.
Exploiting old people is still funny right?

Friday, August 12, 2005


Comic News: House of M #5 and a Random Drawing

This post is meaningless. Let me draw something nice so people dont get bored. Below the picture is a rant on House of M
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Why review this issue? Because this issue makes HoM less empty. Not by much. You know that everything will return to status quo but then again, American comics epitomize inertia. Hippopatumus/sperm whale inertia. Never-changing fluff.

Like I said before, reviews are subjective. And if you're slightly racist, and honest to the fact that no one can go through life without being slightly racist (xenophobia is built into all humans. Deny it, ignore it, but how often do you review your own life to notice your fears, shitbag?), then you'll fit right into my basket of reading materials.

In this recent House of M #5, Bendis decides to awaken the heroes. Everyone's pissed off and Spider-man gets the full treatment of grief and 'don't fucking do this to me again.' After all, Bendis did resurrect his first love, gave him a son, enabled him a successful career, and made him loved by everyone, which is what he(and most everyone) desires in life--but then took it all away. Kindah like a spin on the For the Man Who has Everything story coupled with the Tragedy Device. And it's a great device. The same device that was used in the story where Batman's parents get scooped from their coffins and dangled over an open fire. There are times where it doesnt carry too well--in Ennis' Punisher, Ennis had Cavella piss over the Castle family graves--and there are times where it does.
It didn't work with Punisher because Ennis had already established that the Punisher was a fucked up war veteran--not the Marvel definition of hero. He just likes killing. And his family's death was only an excuse for him to do what he'd've eventually do in the first place. Left to his own devices, he might have as well killed his own family himself--that's my take. Any other take makes him un-unique.

Anyways, House of M may just be readable just because of issue #5 alone. Regardless of the comparison between Marvel's HoM vs DC's Crisis, comic books are comic books. It's never going to write about the political climate, or attempt to influence the masses. That'd be too HOT. The last time the comic industry did that, the government bankrupted them, raped them and submitted them to a Comics Code. So take it as it is. Just fluff.

Well written fluff. But fluff nonetheless. Like that dog at Cicero with the pink collar and the master with the fake breasts. Big, bombastic, eye-catching but so out of place and unreal that it reminds you of a Picasso painting. And Picasso makes you throw up.

You know, i think I'm going to stop reviewing American comics. It's hardly worth reviewing nowadays. I havent read a single good book since Transmetropolitan and Hitman. Ah well, got to read something.




Okay, get out your photoshop, your illustrator, your favorite 3d fixer upper, as well as maybe your wacom tablet.

It's time to bling bling your gadget gear, send it in to the Best Buy whores Engadget folks, and get a PSP plus 10gb of free webspace.

Your mouth is fucking watering right now, isnt it.
Mine is. I want that free 10gb of free webspace...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Stupid Patent Idea 1: Ding!

Someone should patent the frequency and modula of the elevator ding.

I mean, all elevator's use it. It has a specific function--tells you that you've arrived.

Come on. Unless there's already a patent for it.


Movie Review: Charlie and the Chocalate Factory

You know, movie reviews are like peanut butter.
It's brown and it looks like shit, and it makes you fat.
Wait a minute.

Anyways, I really liked this movie. Tastes are subjective but then I'm very specific/passionate about what I like, and rather ascorbic/acerbic to stuff like David Goyer.

What I really do like about this movie is that it's simple. It's got a message. It's like Big Fish, another Burton film--but it also shares the same problems. There's bouts of stuff in the film that dont really klink well. Sure as hell, movies dont need to explain every little detail or kinky artifice but it's like peanut butter: Once God declares peanut butter to taste like peanut butter, it should also smell like peanut butter and not like old people. Unless you raid the fridge of a retirement home. Then it smells like Death and Registered Nurse urine.

The Physics must be obeyed, even if it is crazy monkey nonsense physics.

I thoroughly enjoyed Charlie and the Chocalate Factory. Little children might not like it. Because little children 1. Scare Easily, 2. Get Confused Easily, and 3. Don't like it when they get made fun of.

Also, this film could have easily been named Micheal Jackson and the Neverland Ranch.

And I totally disagree with the message in this film.

Sunday, August 07, 2005


Day 3 of M-ATX: Blue Screen of Death

Blue Screen of Death
Never update windows. NEVER.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is actually a good BSOD. It's going to the doctor for a skin rash and then discovering that you have an early onset of melanoma-->You caught it early!.
The computer runs much smoother now.
I NOW know why ppl partition their drives. Just good for organizing.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
NEW Red Powercolor 9250. I like it a lot. Vivo. Nice graphics, lots of chips on it. And it's red. Sniff.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Old Geforce FX esta super dead 5 year card. It still works it just makes your screen look like a zebra. Fan's dead too.

Saturday, August 06, 2005


Serenity News: Crazy Nate

Nathan Fillon is like the action hero comedian/Buffy hero. The guy walks, talks and acts like something out of a Buffy episode. Which may be the reason why Whedon employs his crazy ass. Admirable, talented but fraggin' crazy nonetheless.

He recently went to Warp 1 comics in Canada and someone--Darryl--tried to over charge him 3x the cover price. Which is the employer's right. And it is also the employee's right to go buckwild over this. So Nathan asked the fans of Serenity/Firefly to boycott Warp1...

Mad GEEKY if you ask me. But then, this fucking blog is called Geekomon.

On Whedonesque.com there's a whole diatribe about it. Here's an excerpt:
There is a fire that burns within the hearts of Browncoats. Cross them at your own peril. This is one thing I've learned in the past three weeks.
I posted a call to Browncoats to boycott a jerk. The results have been hilarious, I think we can all agree. However, my brother gave me a call, and has concerns about how far it's gone, and I think he may be right. Let's look at the pros and cons.

Pros- Comic book guy exposed. Lost some business as a result.
Cons- Employees at his store are getting flak they don't deserve. As a matter of fact, there were a number of employees who were kind and helpful. My pal Mark says he gets great service from the very same guy.
Pros- The comic is incredibly popular! All these folks trying to get ahold of it is amazing and bodes well for the movie.
Cons- There are two similar stores in Edmonton, Warp 2 and 3, that are not affilliated with Warp 1 for the same reasons I don't I like 'em. They, too, are losing business.
Pros- Happy Harbor is getting extra business. Browncoats are ordering their comics from Canada, just to support them. (Which is the most incredible thing I've ever heard of.)
Cons- I'm starting to feel like a dick. I just wanted to boycott the fella, and now he's being tortured.
Pros- Funny stories of other comic store owners getting into business because they didn't like that same fella. Trevor from Saturn Comics got banned from Warp 1 at age 14. As I understand it, his offence was asking where the Hulk comics were. Now, with his own store, he banned Darryl.

Man, I've seen this before. On MIRC and on DC++ hubs. It's called OP wars.
If you understood that joke, i feel sorry for you cuz it's super geeky.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Tech Review: Day 2 of X-puter- More Problems

Well, I stole a floppy drive from my old computer but I'm never going to install that shit into the M-atx. One: it's ugly. Two: There's enough wires as it is.

Things to note:
1. You can Hot-swap Floppy Drives.
2. Installing SATA Drivers. Read the *.OEM files or READMES and then place the .sys files where they tell you to. Don't just pop them in A:'s root. Won't work & wastes time.

Here's a pic of My Floppy, you like the legs i screwed on it?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I also bought a new agp card for my aged computer which I think I'll call H.M.S SHOJBSTW--Shitty Hunk of Junk But Still Works.

For some reason, I can not for the life of me get the ATI to run.
Hrm, Requirements:
Pentium 4
300W PSU

Old SHOJy 2000:
Pentium 3 <--This shouldn't matter. 250W PSU (Fan's dead. Also doubles as a heater during winter. During summer, it bakes bread.) Solution: Replace the PSU with the M-ATX's Aspire PSU when the new Modular PSU comes. If that doesnt work, i'll have to ebay the AGP ATI. He's a very old Gateway 800-1000 mhz machine. I think he used to be faster but now clocks at 792 mghz. He's dying. I did upgrade his entire set of bios recently though. He's happy about that. SHOJy, however, is getting an overhaul. Here's a picture of the PSU that's going into the M-ATX. Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And the Gaming CRT i bought fritzed. It's supposed to be NEC. It's suppose to be good.
It's made in Mexico. And bought from Overstock.com.
Really. I don't think Overstock.com is going to be overtaking Newegg anytime soon...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Hey, it's M-ATX! Check out the board. It's a bit plastiky though. I do have a wooden and a metal platform---eh...the wood's expensive and SHOJy still needs his metal panel-> a plastic skateboard will have to suffice. There are four wheels in the plastic bag. Bling Bling!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Tech Review: Day 1 of X-puter- Problems I

I just bought my parts and I'll be posting about it for a good while.
Here's the 3 types of posts I'll be writing.

M-ATX Case: Aspire Qpack
Mobo: Jetway a210gdms-Pro
PSU: Aspire 420W 20 PIN
GFX: ati radeon x800xl
sata Hd: 250gb
CPU: amd 64 3000+ Venice
HSF: Stock

1. Case: Reset, Power, Pin Connectors, are loose. 2. Sata HD: Windows XP won't detect SATA drives.
3. Case, PSU: Wires are a mess.

4. PsU: Aspire PSU- 1 sata, 3 molexes. Only 1 Sata is bad.
That's all i got around to doing. Installing Windows XP on the SATA slowed me down. Frag. I hate floppy drives. Soooo useless.

Here's a pic:


Grey's Anatomy: I fucked up.

1. Lent camera to Mr. X
2. Forgot to tell Mr. X not to delete all the pictures that were already inside the camera.
3. No more Dead Hamster Pics.
4. Me fucked up.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Movie News: T minus Serenity

My Anticipation For the Movie Serenity Knows no bounds.
You know, a movie is just a movie. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's a vehicle for religion. Something to influence the great masses into doing exactly what the creator wants them to.

This is something I think Serenity will be. Mainly cuz I'm a Joss Whedon(director/writer) fan.

Not a fanatic, just an appreciative audience member. The one in the back row. The one nodding. You know the type.

But then again, it's Serenity's first movie. And i'm sure it'll be more action than philosophy...Sigh. Goddamn mainstreamers and their money. Poxes!

WATCH Serenity!!!

INterview with Whedon

This guy wrote Speed, Toy Story, X-men, Alien Ressurection, Buffy, Angel, and a whole slew of stuff. It's amazing how much shit he reads that I also like. He's like the geek in all of us except he's got the actual talent and vision to bring it to the uncaring masses.

It takes a lot of hubris and sixty dozen layers of thick skin to do that, buddy. And to do that without a dependence to whitesnort and syringe-between-the-toe juice--Now that takes dedication.

Seriously, the guy's talent. Capital T. Do yourself a favor and get infected.

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