Monday, August 15, 2005


Design a T-shirt, Asshole.

Engadget has a new contest.
Guess what it is.
Ah, Asian Cow-Tipping. Why Asian Cows? Because they're mad diesel. You might never have seen one but their mean as hell. They aren't gigantic but their muscular. They also have this half-glare that...mmmm...tasty beef---wait, where was I?

Design a T-shirt contest!

The due date is the 28th of the 8th month of 2005-->that's next week from today, btw.
So get cracking. You get a cool mp3 phone so it's a prize worth at least one hour of your creative talent.

I'm not very creative but I am a big cheater.
Sun Tzu Bingfa #1: Know your enemyjudges.
Here's what Peter Rojas looks like.
Image hosted by

Here's a pan of Peter and his sidekick, Ryan Block (hah, yeah, and richard dun is my real name. Pshaw.)
Image hosted by

Remember. Judges are human. And subjective. Thank god. God knows I hate creative people.

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