Thursday, February 01, 2007


Donnie Darko

Watch the movie firs. Then read the link and then deem to come back so i can refute him.

Straight to explanations: The whole movie is about limited destiny. You have free will but only through the channel God's give you. That is, choice leads to another choice which hems you into other choices.

A) Darko has time travel ability.
B) Darko knows about certain things like he has experienced them before.
C) Sparrow pretty much catalogues Darko's life and abilities into a book that predates Darko's birth.

The only explanation for everything is that this is not the first time Darko has traveled back in time. In fact, it could be an odd take at the Butterfly Effect or Groundhog's Day. In the movie, his parents, little sister, lover and sister's lover all die. He knew all this! Which meant that this has already happened for him.

What else did he know? He knew that Cunningham was a pederast. He would only know that if some friend of his was molested in Cunningham's kiddy porn dungeon. Either the fat girl or even Gretchen.

Let's say he retained all the memory of time travel. Wouldn't he have to time travel every time he messed up? Let's say he did every single permutation, and each time, someone he loved died. Darko's the type of person to try out every permutation to get the best possible outcome for everyone, not just for Gretchen.

So the only way for him to be sure that there be a more random course of events would be to remove the Observer. That's why you see Gretchen bicycling there. She's not a new girl that just moved in. Her entire history changed. Most likely, everyone that was supposed to die or be harmed were saved because this wasn't a do-over from a pre-rolled die; Donnie killed himself even before the die could be rolled.

He felt it would be too hard for himself so he put safeguards in place so that he would come to the same conclusion but happily.

There is one snafu. Why is Sparrow so important? Or that damn Frank Bunny? Or the water flooding? The flooding created police investigation which delayed the delinquents' heist. Who knows what the delinquents would have done to Sparrow? Which means sparrow, and possibly her gems, are connected to the secret of time travel.

As for Donnie killing himself, that may not be the case. Remember, he brought two bodies with him. Himself and Dead Gretchen. That dead corpse they wheeled away could have been Gretchn. Also, he doesnt need to kill himself to fix the timestream. He just needs to remove himself from his era...maybe to an earlier time, to a time when Sparrow was still a young teacher. Thereby allowing Sparrow to collect or build her time gems and write her treatise on the Philosophy of Time Travel. No no. He prolly already tried that and obtained the same results.

And that's why she had to walk to the mailbox everyday. Because Darko told her to during his many trips through the timeline of his Tangential Universe. She prolly forgot the exact date due to senility.

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