Saturday, December 08, 2007


Sony Stock Check-up

My April predictions, 1.3 million PSPs from October to December 30th
VGChartz says...
Pretty damn close. There's also a Christmas to go for the remaining 400k.
400k is also what i predicted would be the PSP monthly sales after the price change.

Stock predictions. Buy at $49, release at $55.
Yahoo Stock ticker says...
Last Trade:53.23
Trade Time:Dec 7
Change:Down 1.54 (2.81%)

And guess what the market high for these 4 prime months were.
$55 (courtesy of So if you bought in April at $49, you would have had a 12% rate on your investment. Most mutual funds give 8% return rates. 1000 dollars would make you 120$ for 9 months. Around 14 dollars a month. $5,000 investment would make that $70 a month.

The bad thing about this investment is that it's not really worth the risk for most professional investors. Sony could have pretty much pulled an Enron within 9 months. which is why i thought getting in at september or october would be better. A 4 month wait is safer.

The profit is even better too.
$45 entry. 4 months. That's a 22% ROI. $1,000 nets $250. $62 a month, baby.

Here's the point in all this math. Get in low; Get out fast.

Here's my prediction for the future. Get out of luxury stocks.
No more gaming stocks for the next year minumum. No apparel stocks.
The dollar is so volatile that there's not enough foreign interest to boost any kind of stock. So don't look for foreign interest. Look for local interest.

Any stock company with a government contract is GOLDEN. Services! Services never devalue.
Find out what your local government outsources to the private sector, and start sinking your savings. Personally, i like traffic cameras. Educational services are good, too. Traffic and Education eat the majority of government funding.

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