Saturday, August 19, 2006


Wonder Woman Unofficial Redesign by Mckeevie

Click on the title link to go to the redesign.

It's eh. There's no ambassador feel to her. Looks like toned down goth chick.

She's wearing normal everyday clothes? Why? Costumes must fit the character. Absurd as it sounds, a dark cape goes with Batman. Red Cape goes with fast flying. Lightning goes with Flash.

Wonder Woman is an Ambassadar and Themyscira's Number One Fighter.

So A) she has a specialty. Lasso. I would make the lasso be able to be turned into a staff.
so B) she sees the President in one second, fights Medusa the next. So her Ambassador costume should be tough themysciran armor, or at least part of one. She can grab her other armaments from her jet when she needs to. Maybe some ablative golden decoration that reveals the armor that was there all along.
C) She is Greek, give her the nose.

Here's what I came up with. Rough sketch. I'm still working on it. Tassels on the cloaks? Hrm.
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