Friday, July 07, 2006


Top 5 Bad Comic Book Movies

  1. Batman Begins - The second half, the resolution, the big reveal, totally destroys the realism, the atmosphere, and the focus the first half tried to build. This movie tried to be great and failed.
  2. Blade III - Written and Directed by David Goyer. The prick refused to accept the continuity that Guillermo Del Toro built for him and remade Blade 2. Good grief. Goyer not only does not know how to write, he doesnt know how to direct. David Goyer is the very def. of a fool. He can't even judge his own level of talent.
  3. Spider-man 1 and 2 - Both movies tried to be more but still aimed at the mainstream market. It wanted things both ways. But the core concept that they've built up for Spider-man is at odds with the implementation. You can get past the un New Yorkness of the sets. What you can't do overlook in those movies is the poor scriptwork. The repetition of moments/jokes. Spider-man movies should make ppl cry. The very core of his character is based on personal responsibility and personal tragedy. They skirt around those concepts but they never dare complete it for fear that a graphic nature would offend censors. Utterly commercial.
  4. X-men 1 and 2 - If these movies were Wolverine I and II, then maybe the would be good movies. But X-men denotes a team of people. If the purpose of the movie is to appeal to the mainstream Micheal Bay audience---Sure. I abhor hybrids. Jean Grey didnt sacrifice herself to save her team from the flood. She committed suicide. The refusal of the script to take that step makes this a bad movie.
  5. See No. 4.

That's all i can think of for now.

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