Monday, November 21, 2005


Movie Review: HP and the Goblet of Fire

If you're lazy, I'll just straight out and tell you that this was an enjoyable piece of fluff catered to HP fanboys. The movie can't really stand on its own. All the structures and basic plot points have been edited away. But the average person will still like this film because A) it's funny and B)lots of action. WAIT FOR THE EXTENDED DVD, son.

Now for the meat. The story is mainly a mystery. Who entered Harry into the Questathon?
Since the Questathon is dangerous, someone must be USING THE QUESTS TO KILL HARRY. Now this in turn, gives us suspects. Enter the RED HERRINGS. Which then goes on and on, until the 3 quests of the Questathon is over, and the big plot twist reveals that the initial assumption was misleading, as well as wrong. Just so happens, the Bad Guys didn't aim for the quests to do Harry in--in fact, they wanted him to win the damn Questathon. And there are various clues in both the movie and the novel to lead you Sherlockly to this conclusion. It's not a bad story.

However, here's the rub. Everytime the movie runs into the important parts, some magical idea vacuum comes in and edits it all away. The primary assumption that a Bad Guy must want the quests to kill Harry is not emphasized. What use is the inclusion of the many Red Herrings without the necessary Misleading Assumption?

And since this primary assumption was bypassed, the secondary deduction was also missing: there's an infiltrator inside Hogwarts with unfettered access to the cup.
This is super important because both the RED HERRING part and the PLOT TWIST part both depend on this secondary deduction. If you aren't going to put the misleading assumptions/deductions in, why the hell are nearly all the RED HERRINGS in place? It'll not make sense to those whom've never read the book.

Having said all this, I'm looking forward to the DVD extended version of this film. We are looking at the death of modern cinema as we know it. Seriously, it is super stupid to have theatre releases. Blind Tradition = Slow Death.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Free Song! Come Alive!

Pick of the Week
"Come Alive" By Steadman

I rather like this song. Unfortunately, after perusing their extensive catalog, this seems to be the only rhythm i enjoy. I'm a sucker for piano/guitar accoutrement.

Here's a list of free music you've prolly never heard of.
"Come Alive" By Steadman (Guitar, Processing, Definite E. Keyboards.)

Stanford thru Itunes (Link)
"Microwave Meal" By Matthew Sluis (Solo A. Guitar)
"Wintertime" By Chris Ayer (Solo A. Guitar)

"The Scene" By Ann Lynn (A. Guitar,slight kybrd/bass?, drums)
"ABCD Puppies" By TheBjam (E. Guitar, Drums, kybrd?)

Monday, November 14, 2005


Sony Rootkit

By now, you've heard that Sony's recently protected their CDs but autorunning it with a evil program. Said Evil Program hides itself, passes information to a Sony Server, and hides itself by modifying your OS's kernel--kindah like a virus modifying your brain's dna. Beyond my power to remove. Beyond anyone who doesn't hack regularly. Well, maybe you could. Get a blank computer, back it up, install the Sony CD, and then copy/paste everything from your back up and see which files get mismatched. Or something like that.

The thing is, if Sony will do this to its CDs, what qualms would they have with actual .exe's they ship out? ConnectStage music organizer and Everquest, for example.

A lot of people are calling for a mass boycott. Not just people but geek people. The kind that goes out and buys PSPs, PS3s, and the like.

Here's the thing though. Why should Sony's evilness stop you from buying a Playstation 3? It's one thing to not trust their software, and another thing to try and punish the company for being an ass.

I wanted to hit someone too when I heard about the whole Sony Rootkit thingie but, after calming down, I realized that it was Sony's software I mistrusted and not the hardware. Unfortunately they haven't done much in recent years except launch the PSP and the upcoming PS3. Still them products are some good gaming tech with, more importantly, an legacy library of decent games. Shouldn't that be the criteria for buying a console? Merit is merit despite how deplorable the ethics of someone. Ogling a beautiful model in a Variety ad gives her even more money for her heroin addiction. So?

As long as it's the best ass money can buy, i could care less if that ass kills puppies, rapes dogs, or eats coyote dung.

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Why do Cows Chew Stuff?

One day, during a borement(Boring moment) I wondered why cows chew stuff. You know, whether on straw like Huckleberry Finn, or a pile of grass a underaged Chinese farmer handed to him.

Turns out, cows chew their food. Not only do they chew their food. They chew regurgitated food, otherwise known as cud. It's because they are herbivores, and in order to survive on plants they need to be more efficient in absorbing the energy.

A cow has four stomachs, and the opening between them gets progressively smaller. They therefore need to break up their food more than once in order to get it through their biological filter system.

And then I thought, well, rabbits are ruminants too. They don't have four stomachs. Why don't I see them chewing cud?

That's cuz they eat shit. No, literally. When the food reaches their anus, it gets turned into a soft pellet. Their internal systems then suck this pellet back out and places it back into their mouth for further eating. It's all internal so it's not as sick as you think. Coprophagy is what it's called.

So, if you're going to be Vegan, friggin, cook your vegetables first. If you live on salad, you won't be able to survive. You'll have to eat shit.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


Funny Picture

Come on. Say you're not grinning. I dare you. Perjure.

Top Monkey: Let me do this quick!

Low Monkey: Don't be so rough!

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