Saturday, November 03, 2007


Google Desktop Fucks Up

GDS 5.5 has a really bad error where only enabling web history allows you to access Allowing web history tracking allows GDS to search secure http lines--which i guess includes

Instead of bringing up my latest Super Duper Man videos when i type Duper, it brings up my results. Which is a hassle.

Bad Google. The fix is to disable the googlemozilla dll in the components folder of Google Desktop. Hit the link for further instruction. It works but exactly how will GDS get popular when you have to do all this bullshit?

Google should just buy Firefox already. Or make their own browser. Most people could care less about the ability to search their hard drives using a parsing app but this is a super important bug.

Imagine if the same shit happened to Google Search! Or to Google Reader? Since most Google apps are heading for a dual online and desktop implementation, more stuff like this shit is going to happen. And woe be it he who relyeth on Google too much.

Fix this shit, dammit. It irks me to have a dll renamed for no reason.

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