Monday, November 14, 2005


Sony Rootkit

By now, you've heard that Sony's recently protected their CDs but autorunning it with a evil program. Said Evil Program hides itself, passes information to a Sony Server, and hides itself by modifying your OS's kernel--kindah like a virus modifying your brain's dna. Beyond my power to remove. Beyond anyone who doesn't hack regularly. Well, maybe you could. Get a blank computer, back it up, install the Sony CD, and then copy/paste everything from your back up and see which files get mismatched. Or something like that.

The thing is, if Sony will do this to its CDs, what qualms would they have with actual .exe's they ship out? ConnectStage music organizer and Everquest, for example.

A lot of people are calling for a mass boycott. Not just people but geek people. The kind that goes out and buys PSPs, PS3s, and the like.

Here's the thing though. Why should Sony's evilness stop you from buying a Playstation 3? It's one thing to not trust their software, and another thing to try and punish the company for being an ass.

I wanted to hit someone too when I heard about the whole Sony Rootkit thingie but, after calming down, I realized that it was Sony's software I mistrusted and not the hardware. Unfortunately they haven't done much in recent years except launch the PSP and the upcoming PS3. Still them products are some good gaming tech with, more importantly, an legacy library of decent games. Shouldn't that be the criteria for buying a console? Merit is merit despite how deplorable the ethics of someone. Ogling a beautiful model in a Variety ad gives her even more money for her heroin addiction. So?

As long as it's the best ass money can buy, i could care less if that ass kills puppies, rapes dogs, or eats coyote dung.

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