Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Movie News: T minus Serenity

My Anticipation For the Movie Serenity Knows no bounds.
You know, a movie is just a movie. But sometimes it's not. Sometimes it's a vehicle for religion. Something to influence the great masses into doing exactly what the creator wants them to.

This is something I think Serenity will be. Mainly cuz I'm a Joss Whedon(director/writer) fan.

Not a fanatic, just an appreciative audience member. The one in the back row. The one nodding. You know the type.

But then again, it's Serenity's first movie. And i'm sure it'll be more action than philosophy...Sigh. Goddamn mainstreamers and their money. Poxes!

WATCH Serenity!!!

INterview with Whedon

This guy wrote Speed, Toy Story, X-men, Alien Ressurection, Buffy, Angel, and a whole slew of stuff. It's amazing how much shit he reads that I also like. He's like the geek in all of us except he's got the actual talent and vision to bring it to the uncaring masses.

It takes a lot of hubris and sixty dozen layers of thick skin to do that, buddy. And to do that without a dependence to whitesnort and syringe-between-the-toe juice--Now that takes dedication.

Seriously, the guy's talent. Capital T. Do yourself a favor and get infected.

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