Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Firefox Help

Here's the Problem.
It's a complete waste of space to copy your settings.

Number one, the minute you change your settings on one computer, you have to change it on the other.

Number two, there's no documentation so the installer/human has to be the de-installer. This manual business is flaky cuz who knows what the program has done to the registry since then. Porting Firefox is also flaky when it comes to java. A Firefox port will close automatically if Java isn't reinstalled.

Here's what I want

While I know that it's stupid to share settings via one location, networks are far too unreliable for that, and you never know who might be snooping. Encrypting it keeps it somewhat safe but when it comes to browsing, fast is better than safe.

So Here's What I Want.

Say I'm on MainPC and I've just found an extension called Pornfinder. I hit search and the extension plops 10 or so links into a folder called Pornlinks in my bookmarks.

Here's the magic. I go to the bathroom to jerk off. Fuck! Amnesia! No jerkoff image! Luckily, my MM20 Sharp is nearby...damn! Only 20gb of storage! I don't put any porn here! Where's my links? Shit! No links! What do I do?

Autosync with the MainPC and grab any new data off it. Any new extensions would be added, any deleted extensions subtracted. Any new bookmarks, changes to css, mods, etc.

Anybody know how to do this? I think java might have to be used because I'd like to have it cross platform--then again, how are you going to access an app without using the api that they give you?

Plus how do you manage the network permissions and stuff? This is beyond my ability to accomplish but I would gladly pay someone to do a template of this for me. If not cross platform then at least for X Windows.

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