Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Windows Vista 7 Versions: Start Weeping

Windows Vista is coming out with 7 different versions. I got confused just writing about it. There’s a Starter Version, for 3rd world countries—or New Orleans. Take your pick. They split XP Pro into something called SE and EE. Then there’s the Ultimate Edition. Then there’s Home and Home Premium.

It’s most likely that MS is wanting to bring their outer products back into the core fold. Like their Media Center PCs with Windows Media Center, they’ll rename to Vista Home Premium. Windows CE? Starter Vista. Windows Server? SE or EE. It’s business overcoming the need to be a product. Some idiot buyer is going to buy an OS flavor that doesn’t suit him, waste sixteen hundred dollars on upgrades, buy a gun, and kill Ballmer/Gates…shhh…exnay on the lanpay.

I thought the next generation of OSes was supposed to be BETTER than the old ones? OSX86 needs to come now!

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