Friday, August 05, 2005


Tech Review: Day 2 of X-puter- More Problems

Well, I stole a floppy drive from my old computer but I'm never going to install that shit into the M-atx. One: it's ugly. Two: There's enough wires as it is.

Things to note:
1. You can Hot-swap Floppy Drives.
2. Installing SATA Drivers. Read the *.OEM files or READMES and then place the .sys files where they tell you to. Don't just pop them in A:'s root. Won't work & wastes time.

Here's a pic of My Floppy, you like the legs i screwed on it?
Image hosted by

I also bought a new agp card for my aged computer which I think I'll call H.M.S SHOJBSTW--Shitty Hunk of Junk But Still Works.

For some reason, I can not for the life of me get the ATI to run.
Hrm, Requirements:
Pentium 4
300W PSU

Old SHOJy 2000:
Pentium 3 <--This shouldn't matter. 250W PSU (Fan's dead. Also doubles as a heater during winter. During summer, it bakes bread.) Solution: Replace the PSU with the M-ATX's Aspire PSU when the new Modular PSU comes. If that doesnt work, i'll have to ebay the AGP ATI. He's a very old Gateway 800-1000 mhz machine. I think he used to be faster but now clocks at 792 mghz. He's dying. I did upgrade his entire set of bios recently though. He's happy about that. SHOJy, however, is getting an overhaul. Here's a picture of the PSU that's going into the M-ATX. Image hosted by

And the Gaming CRT i bought fritzed. It's supposed to be NEC. It's suppose to be good.
It's made in Mexico. And bought from
Really. I don't think is going to be overtaking Newegg anytime soon...
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Hey, it's M-ATX! Check out the board. It's a bit plastiky though. I do have a wooden and a metal platform---eh...the wood's expensive and SHOJy still needs his metal panel-> a plastic skateboard will have to suffice. There are four wheels in the plastic bag. Bling Bling!

Image hosted by

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