Friday, August 26, 2005


Battlestar Galaciata 2x06 Home pt 1

For those that haven’t seen this episode, or care about BSG, I’m gonna apologize beforehand.

I don’t know. I’ve just listened to the BSG 2x06 commentary and while Ron Moore means well—there’s several ugly spots in the directing of the Sixth Episode.

Granted, another guy directed it but still—there’s a bunch of stuff in that episode that didn’t sit right.

  1. Why did Apollo kiss Starbuck? The thing with them is that their history and Starbuck’s penchant to infidelity keeps them apart. And there were nothing in the previous episodes that would give Apollo any reason to kiss her in the mouth.

  1. And if Apollo kissed her in the mouth, why did he recant his ‘I love you’ statement?

  1. Why are civilians going on a military mission? I understand Rosalyn and Elosia going but the Councilman and Evil Sidekick shouldn’t have been allowed to drop down on planet Whatever.

  1. Why was there a Bug eyed view of Adama as he made his choice of reuniting the fleet, or leaving Rosalyn and her cohorts by themselves? It was very Alienish. I half expected him to be attacked by a man wearing a silicon costume.

  1. And why does Adama allow Dualla so much leeway, what with the touching of hands and stuff. I mean, sure, she’s the communications officer but there’s no backstory of why she can do this.

These may be nitpicks but I doubt it. The whole episode felt a little off. Different choice of camera views and other little things. Disrupted the general flow of the story a bit. I did like the George birch arc, although I wish that the original plot had been kept. George Birch’s error made horrific by a death. Adama’s subsequent guilt. A good leader makes good decisions but should also try to fix/weather his bad ones as well.

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