Monday, August 29, 2005


Don't get traced: How to Cloak Your IP Via Proxy

Now, we’ve all been banned from forums, IRC chans, and/or DC hubs before. Usually, it’s a temporary thing, for a minor infraction.

But…what if an op disagreed with your views on abortion? An op disagreed on your views about the way government should be run? An op disagreed with your Platonic utopian ideologies—well, to cut it short, don’t stir the pot in hubs. You’ll only get burned, flamed, then banned.

So, while these forums act like their all technorati to the extent of calling themselves the Scene, it’s not really a place for disagreement or skepticism. IE, don’t expect intellectual discourse.

But if you’ve fallen into that trap and are too impatient to wait for you temp ban to disappear—here’s what you do.

Windows XP Only
Ingredients/Programs proxy forwarding program
A SOCKs capable client such as DC++, MIRC or whatever.


  1. Install YF

  2. Run the Config, the main purpose here is to get a YF account and get a server list.

  3. Run Your Sock capable client

  4. Go to the client’s settings and look for something to do with socks.
       Address: ________   Port: _________
Should be something like the above.

       Input these into the blank lines.
  Address: localhost___      Port: 1080

Well, the port depends on what you configged your YF to be but by default it is 1080.

  1. Now connect to your chan/hub/whatever.

  2. Your ip in this client is the ip in your proxy.

Done. Now go away.

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