Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Movie Review: Charlie and the Chocalate Factory

You know, movie reviews are like peanut butter.
It's brown and it looks like shit, and it makes you fat.
Wait a minute.

Anyways, I really liked this movie. Tastes are subjective but then I'm very specific/passionate about what I like, and rather ascorbic/acerbic to stuff like David Goyer.

What I really do like about this movie is that it's simple. It's got a message. It's like Big Fish, another Burton film--but it also shares the same problems. There's bouts of stuff in the film that dont really klink well. Sure as hell, movies dont need to explain every little detail or kinky artifice but it's like peanut butter: Once God declares peanut butter to taste like peanut butter, it should also smell like peanut butter and not like old people. Unless you raid the fridge of a retirement home. Then it smells like Death and Registered Nurse urine.

The Physics must be obeyed, even if it is crazy monkey nonsense physics.

I thoroughly enjoyed Charlie and the Chocalate Factory. Little children might not like it. Because little children 1. Scare Easily, 2. Get Confused Easily, and 3. Don't like it when they get made fun of.

Also, this film could have easily been named Micheal Jackson and the Neverland Ranch.

And I totally disagree with the message in this film.

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