Thursday, August 18, 2005



I’m listening to the President’s podcast. Which is pretty good. I mean, I don’t like the man but fireside chats and weekly reports to the people are a GOOD idea. After all, a good government is an employee to the people. And as an employer, I demand progress reports.

But the guy has really bad speech writers. I mean, enemies of ‘freedom’? What the hell does that mean? ‘We shall help the Iraqi’s defend their country’—wait, didn’t we just occupy them?

If John Kerry wasn’t such a dork, Bush Jr. would have never won. What president takes a 5-week vacation during a war? For gad’s sake.

Who did I vote for? I voted for Bush. Why? Cuz Kerry didn’t really explain his health plan, or his social security plans. Nor did he explain how he was going to solve the outsourcing problem America faces. Well he did, but I don’t care for shit like unions and his simple measures. You can go online and google Kerry’s plans but that’s a big hassle. I can sum it up in a word. Conservative.

Strangely enough, Bush was the one with the more capitalistic view on the economy but his shit is really bullshit right now. Importing stuff from china is such a hassle now. Japanese Camry’s are now almost as expensive as BMWs. For god’s sake, it’s fraggin Camry’s.

Incidentally enough, my older brother would have voted for Bush too but for entirely different reasons. He looks ‘mean.’ Which is true. I mean, he’s got one hostile western cowboy demeanor to him. But is Andrew Jackson the type of chief that USA should be lookin’ fer, or a Bismarckian one, one that can fuck up fuckers without getting dirt on our shoes—you know, from the digging of the mass graves.

Argh. Richard Dun out.

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