Thursday, August 04, 2005


Tech Review: Day 1 of X-puter- Problems I

I just bought my parts and I'll be posting about it for a good while.
Here's the 3 types of posts I'll be writing.

M-ATX Case: Aspire Qpack
Mobo: Jetway a210gdms-Pro
PSU: Aspire 420W 20 PIN
GFX: ati radeon x800xl
sata Hd: 250gb
CPU: amd 64 3000+ Venice
HSF: Stock

1. Case: Reset, Power, Pin Connectors, are loose. 2. Sata HD: Windows XP won't detect SATA drives.
3. Case, PSU: Wires are a mess.

4. PsU: Aspire PSU- 1 sata, 3 molexes. Only 1 Sata is bad.
That's all i got around to doing. Installing Windows XP on the SATA slowed me down. Frag. I hate floppy drives. Soooo useless.

Here's a pic:

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