Friday, August 12, 2005


Comic News: House of M #5 and a Random Drawing

This post is meaningless. Let me draw something nice so people dont get bored. Below the picture is a rant on House of M
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Why review this issue? Because this issue makes HoM less empty. Not by much. You know that everything will return to status quo but then again, American comics epitomize inertia. Hippopatumus/sperm whale inertia. Never-changing fluff.

Like I said before, reviews are subjective. And if you're slightly racist, and honest to the fact that no one can go through life without being slightly racist (xenophobia is built into all humans. Deny it, ignore it, but how often do you review your own life to notice your fears, shitbag?), then you'll fit right into my basket of reading materials.

In this recent House of M #5, Bendis decides to awaken the heroes. Everyone's pissed off and Spider-man gets the full treatment of grief and 'don't fucking do this to me again.' After all, Bendis did resurrect his first love, gave him a son, enabled him a successful career, and made him loved by everyone, which is what he(and most everyone) desires in life--but then took it all away. Kindah like a spin on the For the Man Who has Everything story coupled with the Tragedy Device. And it's a great device. The same device that was used in the story where Batman's parents get scooped from their coffins and dangled over an open fire. There are times where it doesnt carry too well--in Ennis' Punisher, Ennis had Cavella piss over the Castle family graves--and there are times where it does.
It didn't work with Punisher because Ennis had already established that the Punisher was a fucked up war veteran--not the Marvel definition of hero. He just likes killing. And his family's death was only an excuse for him to do what he'd've eventually do in the first place. Left to his own devices, he might have as well killed his own family himself--that's my take. Any other take makes him un-unique.

Anyways, House of M may just be readable just because of issue #5 alone. Regardless of the comparison between Marvel's HoM vs DC's Crisis, comic books are comic books. It's never going to write about the political climate, or attempt to influence the masses. That'd be too HOT. The last time the comic industry did that, the government bankrupted them, raped them and submitted them to a Comics Code. So take it as it is. Just fluff.

Well written fluff. But fluff nonetheless. Like that dog at Cicero with the pink collar and the master with the fake breasts. Big, bombastic, eye-catching but so out of place and unreal that it reminds you of a Picasso painting. And Picasso makes you throw up.

You know, i think I'm going to stop reviewing American comics. It's hardly worth reviewing nowadays. I havent read a single good book since Transmetropolitan and Hitman. Ah well, got to read something.

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