Saturday, August 06, 2005


Serenity News: Crazy Nate

Nathan Fillon is like the action hero comedian/Buffy hero. The guy walks, talks and acts like something out of a Buffy episode. Which may be the reason why Whedon employs his crazy ass. Admirable, talented but fraggin' crazy nonetheless.

He recently went to Warp 1 comics in Canada and someone--Darryl--tried to over charge him 3x the cover price. Which is the employer's right. And it is also the employee's right to go buckwild over this. So Nathan asked the fans of Serenity/Firefly to boycott Warp1...

Mad GEEKY if you ask me. But then, this fucking blog is called Geekomon.

On there's a whole diatribe about it. Here's an excerpt:
There is a fire that burns within the hearts of Browncoats. Cross them at your own peril. This is one thing I've learned in the past three weeks.
I posted a call to Browncoats to boycott a jerk. The results have been hilarious, I think we can all agree. However, my brother gave me a call, and has concerns about how far it's gone, and I think he may be right. Let's look at the pros and cons.

Pros- Comic book guy exposed. Lost some business as a result.
Cons- Employees at his store are getting flak they don't deserve. As a matter of fact, there were a number of employees who were kind and helpful. My pal Mark says he gets great service from the very same guy.
Pros- The comic is incredibly popular! All these folks trying to get ahold of it is amazing and bodes well for the movie.
Cons- There are two similar stores in Edmonton, Warp 2 and 3, that are not affilliated with Warp 1 for the same reasons I don't I like 'em. They, too, are losing business.
Pros- Happy Harbor is getting extra business. Browncoats are ordering their comics from Canada, just to support them. (Which is the most incredible thing I've ever heard of.)
Cons- I'm starting to feel like a dick. I just wanted to boycott the fella, and now he's being tortured.
Pros- Funny stories of other comic store owners getting into business because they didn't like that same fella. Trevor from Saturn Comics got banned from Warp 1 at age 14. As I understand it, his offence was asking where the Hulk comics were. Now, with his own store, he banned Darryl.

Man, I've seen this before. On MIRC and on DC++ hubs. It's called OP wars.
If you understood that joke, i feel sorry for you cuz it's super geeky.

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