Monday, March 12, 2007


How would you change Zelda?

Let's atomize the requirements.

1) Difficulty. It has to reflect the new market. No hard core Devil May Cry enemies/bosses. No slow dungeon tutorial. Instant action. Make every level, every mini-game, every sub-level a mission ala GTA ala Devil May Cry. You can adjust the difficulty mode for each mission.

2) Control. Remove the shield. Let Link Dual wield. Turn the Wiimote sideways to go into parry mode. Dual wielding creates more combat moves with less button memorization.

3)Combat. Remove all long-range weapons. It's time to replace it with superpowers/magic. Naturally, the puzzles should reflect these powers.

Zelda games are defined by their puzzles, controls, level designs, and gameplay. It all meshes to create an almost gradual slope for the player to go from swordless Link to multi-move super-puzzle solving menu hopping Princess saver.

The next Zelda game should reflect all these core elements. But it should also include something new. Something to invigorate the franchise. Maybe co-op, maybe multiplayer combat, maybe even having Mii's in the villages.

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