Friday, March 23, 2007


Future in Gaming

10 Predictions for the Gaming and PC world. Within 5 years.
1)Microsoft Loses the console war, retreats back to Windows, readies Xbox 360 2.0.

2)Apples loses the personal computing war, retreats back to consumer products and software for Windows. Steve Jobs can't live forever.

3)Playstation owns the hard core gaming world. Casual gaming market balloons up. Nintendo creates a cellphone, and buys Nvidia.

4)Intel capsizes. Microsoft creates their own Processor and Semiconductor company.

5)Playstation loses all their exclusives. Procedural programming methods are popularized. EA capsizes. Old directors lose their prominence. Hideo Kojima's new games tank.

6) In order to combat piracy, more games include hardware in their software. Guitar Villain. Guitar Heroes 4. FBI Fingerprinter DS.

7)DS Advance demolishes PSP 2.0. PSP 3.0 finally includes dual analog sticks. PSP always one step behind DS.

8)PC trends will change. Laptops will become Dual screened. Nintendo starts making more than just electronic games. They get a shitload of money from their outsourcing wii and dual screen patents to the PC industry.

9)Movies become completely greenscreened. The massive competition between the movie and the gaming industry begins. Government starts to crack down on the gaming industry even more at the behest of the MPAA.

10)A Raping Simulator made on a HomeBrew Wii sells 50 million Wii consoles.

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