Wednesday, January 10, 2007


Iphone or Epiphany?

You do not realize the importance of this product. You may think you do, but you don't. It's not just the mobile phone industry at stake here. It's your laptop's touchpad. It's the mouse. Say goodbye to them.

Let me explain the philosophy of the iPhone to those that failed to see the keynote (infidels).

1) Pinch-to-resize
Anchor your thumb and your index on opposing sides of an image. Now move your fingers together slowly. The image below your fingers will resize depending on how far apart your fingers are.

Let's say you have a PDF open. Now flick upwards. Yes, like a booger. Depending on the direction of the flick, that's where you'll scroll to. Registers speed of flick, et all.

Now imagine these two key features on your computer. Wouldn't it be cool if you could actively reach out to your LCD monitor, hover your fingers over it, wave a magic gesture and have it do whatever you want without greasing up the screen? Imagine a laptop like that.

If this is the iPhone. If the iPhone runs OS X. If the gestures are 100% foolproof. Then Windows will lose 3 markets in the coming year.

Who's going to want a smartphone that doesn't have hover gestures? With a full fledged OS that natively supports it all.

Who's going to want a Tablet PC? A stylus is dead. Long live the hovering finger. It's just so intuitively simpler and efficient that--customers are going to expect hovertures on every mobile device.

Vista. Imagine controlling laptops like this. Dragging, clicking, all on hover. Instead of using the stupid touchpad, i can bring my finger on the Publish Button and jab at the air over it.

Seriously, how are you going to fight this new paradigm? It doesnt matter how many legacy apps you have when this new system of controlling things makes to much sense not to adopt.

It takes a long time for some ppl to learn an app. But if you make every app controlled the same way, the incumbency of your old apps becomes moot. Any OS without Hovertures cannot compete.

Remember, you heard the term Hoverture here first. I'm not greedy. Just pay me a penny every time you say it.

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