Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Studio 60: A Show that Dares to Insult the Viewer

Sports Night, West Wing, Studio 60

I dont care who Sorkin is. Sports Night and Studio 60 is practically the same show. Sports Night was genius. It was smart, witty, funny, and quick. It was different. No laugh track.
And it was funny.

Studio 60, however, is the same breed but a different animal. Instead of sports and bylines, its about the stuff comedy is made of. Its about censorship, religion, politics, government, counter culture, racial issues and history. All bound in a 'SNL Within A Show' veneer. It insults everyone and anyone. It starts off by insulting the people that watch the myriad of CSI and Reality shows. After which, the script calls to insult people from Columbus, Ohio. (The state that gave Bush the lead over Gore in the 200X elections)

People guffaw at being insulted. But that's what makes S60 different. It dares criticize the viewer. Are you freaking perfect that you cant stand a bit of critique?

That's why the internet/TV online fans hate S60. They are otakus. Serious fucking otakus who only understand pandering TV shows like Lost or Heroes. Argh. How often do you get a show that insults you? Do you surround yourself with "yes" men?

Jesus Frackin' Christ. If S60 was on BBC, it would make a killing. Because Nielsen Ratings are filled with people (not dumb) that can't read W. Somerset Maugh. Entertainment does not only satisfy desire but it can discuss truths as well.

That's what the Nielsen Public and the Internet Otakus cannot get. I'm never going to write for television, I think. The system only rewards producers of nicotine and not medicine.

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