Saturday, March 25, 2006


Thunderbird 1.5 SMTP with Google No Good

If you use Thunderbird 1.5 and Gmail's SMTP/POP exclusively, you might notice that stuff is fucking up.

Someone dropped the ball, I don't know who but it got me pissed. Scoured the google group forums for half an hour before i found something usable.

Pop settings. If you aren't recieving mail to your client, go to port 995, check SSL, and use "". Personally, I havent had this problem but others had.

SMTP settings. I couldn't send jack shit. This pissed me off.
Port 587, check TLS, and use ""

Really, Thunderbird or google really has to communicate more or something. Somewhow I don't think Google favors Thunderbird anymore, and vice versa. No proof, just a feeling.

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