Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Apple's Chief Quits

Apple's Chief Technological Officer Quits.

While Ars Technica references a Daring Fireball post regarding the suspicions and deets regarding the matter, it seems like a puff piece.

There's really not enough information to say why he quit, even though the articles purport that the CTO was biased and impractical. Ergo, he quit because he didnt jibe with the Apple crowd whose employees we all assume to be Gods among Men.

But the fact is that he's a loyal Jobsian. He was the veep at NeXT for gad's sakes. There's only two reasons why a person would quit a successful company.

One; Inside information about an upcoming crash. This doesnt seem likely.
Two; Lack of a future. My guess is that Steve Jobs is grooming someone else to be the future CEO and Tevanian is pissed about it. Understandable.

Three, disagreement about the future of the company. Now this third one is for idealistic workers. Is Tevanian idealistic? He did give up a Microsoft position to go with Jobs. He's a heavy supporter of the Mach Kernel. He wrote the damn thing. He's also big on Unix File System.

Hrm. I dont know. There's no way that this is an innocent departure. The clues seem to be all there. I'll be selling my shares of Apple just in case.

And in any case, you'll prolly see software development slow down from Apple. It'll be really funny if Microsoft fucking buys Apple outright.

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