Monday, December 12, 2005



Yes that's right. Wikifaith. In case you don't know, Christianity has been strutting its feathers alot recently. There's intelligent design. There's the Irreducible Complexity Theory (freaking circuitous logic. IC was created just to support ID. Frak, you learn how to disprove this in Algebra proofs. That's why the Peano Axioms were created in the first place.)

And now, Narnia.

Now, hear me out. Narnia's just a movie, I hear. But have you read the books? Completely through? Well, their pretty transparent. It's against secular education. Calling parents by their first name. Against skepticism. And...the last Book is almost too dificult to read because it practically calls out for a Crusade against the Calormen.

And then it struck me. Religion should be open source. I mean, why not? Truth is being made open source. Look at wikipedia. There's no reason the same thing can't be done for religion.

So, in the next few months, I will be studying how to create a wiki. A religion is nothing more than a set of guidelines that, if followed, lead to a healthier life.

It'll be on topics such as marriage, justice, virtues, and sins. But since it's a wiki, it'll be fluid enough to incorporate the latest advances in technology. For instance, is incest still a taboo if genetic manipulation can prevent inbreeding?


Well Richard and Mario, contrary to your belief, there is a Theory of Intelligent Design which is supported by evidence which can be found at Intelligent Design Theory. It is interesting that such a theory has been ignored in the recent debate and the court case. Then again many of the proponents of intelligent design may be unaware of it and think that it is just creationism!
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