Friday, October 21, 2005


Why Microsoft is Bad

Because if Microsoft was good, software technology would be far greater than what it is now.

If you look at the hardware side of things, everyone's moving forward, getting low power chips out, advancing both RISC and CISC architecture, and getting ready for Beehive computing.

If you look at Windows, you get nothin'. Even the stuff that's coming down the pipes don't seem to sync with the future.

Look at the markets. Food. RFID. Army. Friend and Foe recognitions systems. AEGIS. Google Earth. Japan. Robots.

What links all these technologies together? They all need object recognition. Software that can do spatial mathetmatics. Calculate the distance their looking at, while taking in perspective.

Here's what I mean, say your on a desert road. How does the highway look to you? does it seem narrower farther away? Sure? But is it really narrower? No! The road is standard width.

I don't really care about voice recognition. Not to mention it's so hard.
Object recognition is doable and 10x more important.

After all, I can see you before I can hear you. Unless your behind a corner. Yeah yeah. Screw you too.

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