Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Surface: Best Scifi Since BSG

Okay. Here it goes.

Surface from NBC studios maybe a drama that rivals Lost. Wait. In some ways it's a helluva lot better than lost. Here's a synopsis of what happened so far:

-Free Willy Story with the Killer Dolphin being a baby monster
-New Species that swims in Lava
-Scientists that discover the Monster's secret gets Offed by Government.
-Enter heroic civilians who, thru fate, forced into a corner with nowhere to go, must prove the existence of the Subterranean monsters.

All these stories are entertwined, too. In a meaningful way. Masterful storytelling even.

The characters aren't Kate Moss gorgeous but then again, they don't sniff cocaine. They grow on you.
In fact, they GROW. Wax heroic even. To the point where they look damn fine.

I've just finished 6 episodes of Surface, and I find myself trying to catch it on TV.

Now that's allure.

Did I mention that the producer is David Greenwalt? Produced Angel, Buff, worked with Joss Whedon. I knew there was a reason why Surface was so unusually good. If David Greenwalt doesnt gain success with Surface, it would really be a damn shame.

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