Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Movie, TV: Recommended

(The Big Damn Movie)
Serenity was pretty good. It ran 1:49 minutes but after it ended, i wanted more. Any firefly is better than no firefly, I guess, as Tycho at Penny-arcade.com so succinctly puts it. My problem with it was the certain smirky bits that were in it. Almost as if the humor needed laugh tracks. Like drum roll, and a light flashes above the theatre to say: "please insert laugh here." The plot though, is excellent. Someone cut the wrong scenes in the editing room.

Once again, the plot is excellent. Orson Scott Card likes the movie. I like the movie. Sci fi people will like the movie. Everyone will like the movie.


New TV Series

Over at Geek speak radio, they were talking about the new scifi shows. Out of all those shows, the only good scifi was Surface which is like Morlocks and 20,000 Leagues all mixed up in one. It grows on you. As a show, it's structured very well.
Good plot, good directing, good sfx but the cast---well, they don't seem to wear their clothes well.

Stay away from Bones or Threshold. Very transparent attempts from people who want a long lasting job.

One day, The Writers said, "How can I get a studio to pay for enough episodes to send into syndication?"

Two days later, these shows start popping up.


Returning TV series

Okay, I don't like Smallville. I think it's shit. No story. Super stupid teen melodrama with an overaged cast. Micheal Rosenbaum is a great Lex though. Season 5 must have a new writer because it's actually interesting.

I use to watch Grey's Anatomy but now it's blah. The premise isnt strong enough. There's no major problems in it for Grey to resolve. Same thing with House--what happened to the evil Vogel? Heroes are useless without villains.

Numb3rs though, works in a Law and Order level. But either get rid of all the relationship stuff or put more in. You cant have it both ways. The main protag was Mr. Universe in Serenity, woot.

That's about it.

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