Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I just finished tiki bar video podcasts which is like a Children's Show--except it teaches you how to mix drinks.

But IT's also funny as fucking hell. And Lala is hot.

Off the top of my head, they teach how to make a Trapdoor, a Margarita, and a Something.

Shaker with ice with 2 half wedges of squeezed lime.
2 oz Gold Tequila
.5 oz White Tequila
3 oz Lemon Cordial
.5 oz Triple Sec
splash of Orange Curacao.

Serve cold and with salt.
One way to remember drinks is to categorize them. Have a tree where you have group tequila drinks, gin and rum drinks, and straight up drinks with a column for drinks that are served cold.

There's a simple one they made that consisted of 2 oz scotch, 2 oz brandy, and 5 oz of lemon juice. Fucking gets you wasted mad quick.

It's good to test out the memory once in a while.

Itunes link: tiki bar podcast

Thanks to Adam at MACCAST.COM for introducing this great vidcast their podcast.

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