Thursday, October 06, 2005


David Goyer: I'm not the only one

I'm not the only one who does'nt like David Goyer.

Well, I don't hate him. I..what's a stronger word for hate? He's the embodiment of the broken dream. Someone who's in the art to make the quick buck. While sure, it's pragmatic to stick up your ass for someone to push money into, it doesnt feed the soul and it sure as hell shouldn't be respected. I still can't get over that ipod product placement in Blade Trinity. Or his love for slow-moes. And his demarginalization of Wesley Snipes.

That Blade Trinity movie showed his true colors. Thank God, Christopher Nolan was there to save Batman Begins. Why do the good writers get saddled with the piss poor directors, and the crappy, dishonorable ones land the Big Fish?

here's some of the dislikes of Goyer summed up succinctly.
superherohype forum hate on Goyer

You know, if he really respected the material(comic/geek), he would have Joss Whedon status. Come on, he wrote a comic, helmed the Blade franchise, and did the best Batman film to date(I dont like Batman Begins but it is the best one to date)

He's a poser. He's a Hollywooder. My umbrage with him is that he won't admit his own mistakes. Look at Kevin Smith! He's not a great writer. He's a pretty decent one though, plus he's Mark Twain funny (that's a high compliment). He ADMITS his mistakes. Like Jersey Girl. Which did disastrous in the theatres. You see, he admits it was wrong to cast Ben Affleck in the role. The nepotism was a wrong move.

To this date, Goyer has not admitted that it was entirely wrong of him to train his basic directoring skills on a paying public. I doubt Goyer even did storyboards or pre-production on Blade Trinity. When you write the script as you're filming it, that's not skill, that is poor planning, sloth, and hubris.

Goyer is going to fucking ruin Flash. The only people online that support him are under his pay. Because that's what Hollywooders do. Hire shills. Come on. Deep in your geek hearts, you've seen David Goyer before. Straight up 100 percent snake oil salesman. Except without the talent.

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