Monday, October 31, 2005


Anime I'm Watching

Saikano- Lots of death, with tragic romances left and right. I'm not a romantic buff but children screaming/dying is always emotionally great and makes for good watching.
I'm really enjoying this. Surprisingly good.

Mushishi- Relatively new anime. So far, I can safely say that this will either be episodically sucky or super great. The animation is great and so is the Mushi/spirit mythology. Japanese X-files only with Nature as magic. Don't know whether this is great but the stories so far are interesting and varied. Then again, this could be another Hundred Stories which was a huge dissapointment.

Blood+A different spin on Buffy the Vampire Slayer crossed with Brian Lumley crossed with Vampire Hunter D set in modern times. Eh. It's not a great anime. it's not a bad one either. Just not interesting enough. It's a vampire hunting girl. The premise isn't rocket science, you know? No mythology whatsoever. I would stop watching this except the art is pretty good. Morphing biomass vampire flesh is great.

Shakugan no ShanaVery very promising. Stephen King's Langoliers mixed with a little Noein and a little nihilism. Shonen. But good Shonen. The first 3 episodes are very good but then again, you have to be careful with Shonen. They usually start sucking at episode 20. Not every shonen can be Future Boy Conan.

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