Saturday, September 17, 2005



Well, No Ipod Nano for me.

TUAW's picked their top ten. Their using grammatically correct sentences as guideline. No loose talking. So even though some of the entries are boring, they are at least grammatically correct.

So me and Mario are out of the running. I mean, Mario and I.

Gorram frakkin' TUAW. Sniff. Ah wan' wun of dem Ipod nanoes. Ain't no one in dem right mind woudn't wan' wun. Sho' is a pretty lil fing. Loike me Pa used tah say, before he shot hisself proper: "Yah ain't lucky, son. Frem the day yah was born, ah says, 'Doctah, don't worry about hurtin' him none. He's already got one goram awful life ahead o hisself, be a kindness if by chance yah shook him to death early on'. An' that's whoi ah named yah Richard. Short fer Dick, yah ken? Screw otha folk befo' dem folk can and yah'll survive. Otherwise, be the right time to be digging a nice grave fer yerself." And then he took another swig of moonshine and beat me withing 3 inches of life.

I'm lying by the way.

Who do you think has the better post anyways?



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