Friday, September 09, 2005


Podcast PSA: Skepticality : Prayers and Thoughts and Many Hearts

I’m not sure if you know who Derek + Swoopie are—Well, you should. They’re a couple of VERY popular podcasters. They do a nice little show called Skepticality where the message can be summed up, “Don’t take stuff at face value.” It also helps that they sound like very decent people. For example, I’d buy pharmaceuticals from them.

Be a skeptic and get proof. And it’s a real interesting topic. Mostly because they’ve got a wonderful team writing for them. Mostly because their real people talking about stuff that interests them.

Unfortunately, however, Derek is sick. BNA, a form of brain aneurysm or cyst. Very bad stuff.

I hope it’s recoverable but by the tone of Swoopie’s PSA on his condition, it doesn’t look too well.

Damn, that sucks. A thousand wishes from a thousand fans across a thousand wires of broadband, Derek. I’d like to think God’s (in all his various incarnations) an avid Skepticality listener, too.

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