Tuesday, September 20, 2005


McDonald's Adventure

I did something bad today.
On one of my many nightly trips to the airport to get frozen fish—yes, frozen fish, craps, snails, and frogs (stop interrupting me)—I happened to be hungry. Famished. So I said: Mcdonalds. And the driver says: Sure.

As we edged toward the take-out window, I realized something strange. WE DIDN’T ORDER anything. So I made a corporate decision. I took someone else’s order.

Now, it’s very very bad of me to do that. It inconvenienced everyone behind me. Which is funny because of the domino chain wrong-order effect.

In my defense, the clerk should have---well, hehe. Nothing since it was totally my fault! But it sure was funny! Yeah, we jetted out of there toot fast.

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