Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Hurricane Katrina Update

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It’s quicktime. Fast becoming my favorite online movie clip format.

Anyways, it’s about the disaster in New Orleans. While YOU may be unaffected, it calls to think—wow, what if something as catastrophic as this happened to my city? How would the government respond? As you can see by New Orleans, the answer is: not very well. If at all, even.

There’s been reports of rapes and murders and all sorts of Lord of the Flies stuff. And while that boggles the civilized mind, it makes a sorta weird sense. After all, when there’s no order, there’s chaos. had some of the pictures of a white guy getting beat up. Don’t start a racial war with your black neighbors because of this. I’m sure the same thing would have happened to a black guy had the light colored folk’ve been the majority in the Superdome housing them poor, sapless Louisiana refugees.

It’s just human nature folks. Nothing more. Nothing less. You tend to forget that you’re American when you’re hungry, exposed to the elements, and with no indication that support is on the way.

And by the way, and this is a certifiable fact, the military has turned away Red Cross from helping Louisianites. Because of the violence and the looting and the general panic that’s ensuing. You know, kinda like the drowning man can kill the lifeguard draggin him. Same difference.

So why are you still donating to Red Cross?

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