Thursday, September 01, 2005


Google Review: Google Desktop Search and A little Art

Here’s my review of Google Desktop Beta
The plugin is decent but the limit of one email is laughable. My dog, for instance, only has a Hotmail account since he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. Myself, I have seven. Accounts not dogs. The Thunderbird e-mail client laughs at this dinky plug-in.

Scratch Pad and Todo list
This is useful,useful, useful. The whole GDS can prolly rename itself this by the way.

Quick View
Totally useless and inaccurate. It would have been much better if it aped my quick launch bar with user definable categories…instead it’s a shuffle of links—half of which I’ve never even heard of, much less frequently use.

I do use gdTunes which is like the Winamp plugin but with less memory hogging and a bigger area—it’s just a miniplayer that autohides like the Start Bar. Supremely useful—but unfortunately still lacking in a few features. I want a volume and step up control on it dammit. It’s basic shit!

There’s also weather. Yawn. What makes this different from Yahoo’s Konfabulator and Apple’s Dashboard? Well, the Google Desktop Search and by connection, it’s Photos plugin.

It’s basically a poor (PC) man’s Spotlight. Spotlight, as you well know, is Apple’s baby, their file indexer for Tiger OS X. Since spotlight was built from the kernel up in OS X, it’s considerably faster, indexes recently added files in good time, supports filtering and—goddamn it, it’s just better.

But seeing as how Vista’s late, not 5 minutes late, mind you, but late like a baby with a 5-year gestation period, this is the best PC users can afford.

Sigh. Oh wait, I promised you guys a picture. Here’s my rendition of the 5th Robin. Don’t mind the long arms. I like to make the arms longer so I can shrink them digitally later.

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