Thursday, September 08, 2005


FREE Ipod Contests & September Apple Keynote Review

Two Contests.

Contest 1 where you have to blog about your 10 favorite TUAW posts, and then post your blog link that you've done so.

It's not a bad contest. Very accessible.
Everyone and their dog will prolly want to join it.
The Prize: A IPOD nano.* REMEMBER TO POST YOUR BLOG LINK TO THE COMMENTS SECTION IN THEIR CONTEST POST. Just click here to go to their permalink.

Contest 2 where you have to get unique hits linking to them..
Ilounge wants to espouse their IPOD FAQ on people. Don't know why. Normal blogs will prolly never win. Good thing their are booby prizes. Various ipods. Just put a banner on your blog. It doesnt hurt. Prizes are Shuffles and Ipods, 'fter all.

Here's the Banner you've got to put on your Blog/Site.

Image hosted by

or the text equivallent:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Image hosted by" ></img></a>

*Here's the link to the particulars of the contest for those that still don't understand the particulars.

In Addendum: Don't know about you folks, but I'm SICK of hearing about Sept. Apple Keynote. Multiple posts on the same keynote when it's nothing but 3 product launches. It's a keynote but it's doesnt deserve this much attention. I mean, the X-server and Apple/Intel keynotes were phenomenal news--ah, never mind. On with the product launches.

Uninspired interface. Bleh. Apple isn't techno superiority, it's usability/design superiority.

Flash device. It's actually pretty sexy and fully featured. I like the keylock implementation. (link:iLounge Gallery.)

ITUNES 5.0: Very minor but nice updates. (link: itunes 5 feature review)
  • Makes Itunes load-up on Windows XP much faster. Check.
  • Destroys compat. w/ "Itunes is only for Ipods!" yells Mr. Jobs. Check.
  • Forces upgrade to Q7 or I5 won't work. Check.
    *Streaming codec in Quicktime 7 for Windows needs a lot of cpu power. 0.8-1.0 ghz won't be able to support it. Maybe if you have specialized instructions sets like SSE3, you could. Maybe.

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