Thursday, September 15, 2005


Engadget Contest Winners Announced!

Two words. Fugly.

There's more at the engadget site. None of them are any good. Maybe this one is okay.
I would have made him wear more Uncle Samish clothes. Maybe the jacket and the hat. Although, i dont think this is international enough.

I was going to do one but i couldnt learn Adobe CS 2 vector art in time.

My first idea was a Huge e with teeth, with a robotic monocle in the center of the e.

My second idea was Blueprints for an Engadget radio tower with the E as a broadcasting tip.
-Or a death ray.

My third idea was a Batman Console with the screens flashing the logo, and a small cat on the chair. The Engadget Cat. Totally brand new logo for engadget modeled on a cartoon i saw where someone drew Schroedinger's cat. Literally.

My fourth idea was to draw up a chinese font and put it on a coat of arms.

(Picture the crest in the center, bigger, a white overlay instead of printed, and a dark blue thin cotton shirt instead of gray)

Kinda like this but with the guards as "I, Robot" robots. The shield( white outline) is kept, separated into four parts, 2 e's mirror imaged on the 4 parts. So a white E (inside the shield, centered on a blue background) on quadrant II, the waves (blue on a white background) on quadrant I, heading right. On quadrant III, white background, blue waves, heading left, and on quadrant IV, an inverted white e with a blue background. On and below the shield are 2 banners: on the bottom and chinese on the top banner. 安子達 That's the Chinese way of saying Engadget. The shirt would be totally blue with a rougher type of cotton as the crest. That way, when you run your fingers through the crest, it feels like rough skin because it's smooth, then rough, smooth then rough. And when the white overlay starts to peel, it does so by patches. The thing becomes pockmarked like gravel. It makes it look even more ancient and worn. This is a good thing. Vintage style. This one is plagiarized from a Oxford University T-shirt I had that got lost in the wash. Oxford doesnt have it anymore. It was in created in 1977 or so, back when Oxford had some taste.

The 1st idea was what I planned to submit though. The last one was unfeasible because a T-shirt with a white overlay is a tad more expensive than just laser printing it.

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