Thursday, September 08, 2005


Apple Keynote 2005: Blah


So that was the Apple Keynote. Hrm. Methinks the Steve Jobness is losing power on his Reality Distortion Field Crystals.

That last one really sucked wads, dinnit?

Come on.
Showcase a phone that was suppose to be out months ago. Check.
Wipe out the most popular ipod machine. Check.
Force a buggy version of Quicktime 7 down the throats of Itunes 5. Check.
Introduce Harry Potter Ipod version, codename Gimmick. Check.
Introduce a 4gb flash player. Check.

I mean, all this stuff is good and all but come on. Where’s the cool stuff that was promised? Golly. Itunes is a finely tuned prog though. It’s very very good.

I swear to god, sometimes I think Apple hates and fears the word ‘solid-state’. They also hate the word NIMH battery. What I wouldn’t give for a Ipod nano that ran on AAA…

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