Friday, September 23, 2005


Anime Review: Full Metal Panic 2nd Raid

The short of it:

The long of it:
I don't know whether this is a serious foray into scifi fiction, fanservice, or mecha anime.

There's already 9 episodes and they still dont explain wtf the Mithril Organization is. Who funds it? Why are they the good guys? What makes them the good guys? Why are the bad guys insane? Why can't their be intelligent, and normal bad guys?

It reads like really bad romanticized fan fiction. Just very kiddy stuff. Like A dislikes B because of his dirty fingernails. G is evil because he sucks, nyuh.

And the Arm Slave stuff. It's gundam. It's mecha. Why call it fraggin arm slaves? Why not use real world terminology? In the real world they would be part of the armored divisions. Why set it in the present world, with modern day aircraft carriers, contemporary clothing, and war tech if you are just going to spew made up shit. And what's with the bullshit Lambda drive technology. Ooh, it's a wish fulfillment drive--in a fucking mecha?

So here are the faults.

1) If it's a serious anime, it has too much fanservice. (four or five shots of fanservice in the whole series, admissable. But with more--Why the fuck do you need to pan Chidori's panties 2 times in a space of 5 frames?

2) If it's a fanservice anime, it has too much scifi gobbledeegook.

3) The scifi gobbledeegook is done with little research, thereby undermining the whole basis of the world. No foundation to be credible upon.

4) The designs are weak. The mechas are designed for the miltary, not to be power rangers.

I don't know what target audience this anime is aiming for.
I mean, it isnt getting my vote.
It doesnt have enough fanservice/porn to get's vote.
Who the fuck does it want to entertain? It's like a 10 year old wrote and directed it.

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