Sunday, July 03, 2005


The Prodigal Son Returns

Well I'm back!

There happened to be no antique bookstores in China. There were some but they had a really small selection.

Oh, and while China is hot and sticky, no one wears Venezuelan Hot Mama clothing. Transportation consists of moving between one air conditioned four walled vehicle to another well equipped building.

Here's a list of quaint oddities I've noticed about China.
1. Factory heavy cities have no stars. No sun. NO moon either. Just a wonderful sheen of black smog.

2. People are really short. Nanjing, Beijing, and Hanzhou(north) are of passable height though.

3. There's a billion entrepeneurs in China. There's 500 million times as many poor people.
Fighting amidst the young ppl happen constantly at the discos.

4. People snort K, eat rock, and dance to X constantly in Guangdong.

5. There's ppl there richer than God.

6. The average person knows jack shit about electronics in China. But they buy the best, latest and priciest.

7. Advertising is everywhere in China. They've made advertising into an import good.

8. Companies that do poorly globally have risen like a phoenix in China. See Observation #6 and #7.

9. There ARE no patrol police. As long as you don't beat someone to death, there's nary a problem. A gang in US counts in double digits. A gang in China counts in 3 digits. Gang Warfare in China would prolly need G7s and supply trains. Hehe.

10. From the top down, China is being swarmed by black-haired squinty eyed, short cockaroaches. Then you arrive, and realize that there's a fucking lot of ppl in China.

11. The Subway is scared of China. It refuses to go anywhere into China. The Subway and Sewage Disposal are probably hiding out in Macau or something.

12. Hotels are the only places with decent plumbing.

13. Military Police Patrol at Night like Mini-me's. Small but sharp. So sharp in fact, they carry AK-47s, MI's, grenades, launchers, but if you yell at them in English they flee like little girls.

I did some sketches of some girls I saw. I'll post it up later. If I feel like it.

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