Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Movie Review: Fantastic Four

Before you take this review please note that I dont care one lick about the story in Fantastic Four.

The story is simple. It's not stupid, it's just simple.

The characters however are likable and there are certain exploitable relationships between them that were exploited. A lot of the funny moments were not just one-liners but genuine funny moments. Situational humor that takes a bit of time to develop. The Human Torch and The Thing are good enough to have their own movie, incidentally.

But Dr. Doom is such a standard villain, he becomes a tad boring.

But then again, this movie doesnt aim high. If you liked Spider-man or X-men, you should enjoy this movie as well. If you hate it, that just means you read too many online reviews. For god's sake, almost all the other comic book movies have worst plots and even worse execution.

Remember that Daredevil had a decent plot--it was the characters that didnt captivate the audience. And Fantastic four is character-driven as hell.

Roger Ebert, are you bought and paid for by Warner Bros? My guess is that the Major Studios are afraid of Marvel and have really turned on their propaganda machine.

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