Monday, July 04, 2005


Movie Review: Batman Begins

I give 14 stars. And then take away 14 stars.

While the scenes pan from one another seamlessly, the action scenes, the car chase, and the martial arts are choppy.

There are really weird jokes that stop the momentum of the movie. It's because they arent funny. Almost like an afterthought.

There's also lines in the script that make use of the thematic literary device of phrase repeating which only worked once out of the 90 times they used it.

The lighting is weird. The costume is weird. The Mask is weird.

The Burton Design is just so much cooler looking. Y'know? Burton's Gotham was a caricature, sure, but it was New York. Nolan/Goyer's vision of Gotham is Chicago. A Chicago with a monorail. A monorail who exists solely to serve the plot. And anyone who's traveled can tell you NY is the only REAL city in America. Besides LA.

The script is well formed though. All the logic kinks work out and there's no ambivalent contradicty stuff. Then again, it's no Braveheart. Who and what the hell is Katie Holmes doing in this film?

All in all, a very entertaining but wildly unnecessary film.

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