Sunday, July 10, 2005


Comics/Tech News: Is There Anything Pixar Can't Do?

Source: cinematical

Some of Pixar's artists have decided that they've got spare time enough to start a little comic book company.

Tales of Colossus
by Mark Andrews

Okay, this one isnt my shtick. The art is pedestrian. It could just be the Powers motif but the lines are a bit sloppy. But i dont mind that. It's the story. A knight gets trapped inside a robot, and has to fight against an evil palading. Army vs. Army Lord of the Rings type stuff.

I'm pretty sure I like LOTR. I like wargames. I also like mecha.
I'm also pretty sure that there won't be gore in this comic.
I'm also pretty sure that there won't be any mention of the redeeming aspects of being greedy, ambitious, and horny.
I'm also pretty sure that the author has no idea how to build a robot from scratch otherwise Colossus would be more practical and stir the imagination more.

I hate to be mean. But those points i've mentioned are my god-honest first impressions. I'm prolly not qualified to judge many of the panels but I do draw a lot of robots, and that robot just dull. Robot enthusiasts crave detail.

Rose and Isabel
by Ted S Mathot

Now this has a very interesting plot. 2 sisters save 3 brothers during Civil War. There's a mission. Therefore, a climax is guaranteed. There's the whole feminine Saving Private Ryan aspect. There's rationalized heroics because those sisters'll do anything for their family. And there's love. All this can be imagined with just the premise. If I sall this at the local 'mark, I w'd definitely buy it.

The Champion

by Simon Dunsdon

This one is a bit iffy. The art is stylish noir. It has a definite Batman TAS feel to it. It all depends on the writing this one since the premise isnt as fresh as Rose and Isabel--well it's not suppose to since this is a retro homage to the older films that pionered the genre--fuck, what was I talking about. Oh yeah. Two Thumbs Sideways.


E-ville Press: The Comic Book Company
There were more Pixar artists but I didnt quite like their site layout. So just head over to E-ville and grab their names off the right-hand navi-bar, and peruse them at your accruement.

pixar is great, they're crazy people over there.
motherfucker, who asked you. Hahah.

P.S. The guy who wrote this comment is my old bud. Therefore the cursing is appropriate.
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