Saturday, June 04, 2005


Super Rant: Annoying Islands

When's the next war coming?

Iran, Iraq 2.0, or Korea.

Its not going to be Korea, since China practically owns that country.
It's not going to be any country that has nuclear weapons that's for sure.

Which begs the question--why is Cuba in existence?
It's within missle distance AND it's a non-democratic anti-American nation--lingo for not within the influence of USA.

So why hasnt it been demolished. Bay of Pigs is no deterrent. God knows, more ppl have died more stupidly for simpler conflicts due from wilder causes ordered from less-than-wise higher-uppers.

If Cuba had nuclear missles, the embargo would have been lifted ages ago. You dont embargo a nuclear power. It just isnt done. But let's say that Cuba doesnt really need a nuke. A barrage of dirty missle short rangers spreading nuclear waste over the heart of USA is a perfectly workable alternative. While not powerful enough to demand an embargo lift, it is sufficient deterrent enough to give an invading neighbor pause.

Taiwan is to China as to Cuba is to USA.
It's only a matter of time before Cuba needs to be removed from the strategic map.

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