Saturday, June 04, 2005


Political Rant: On Gangs

This rant is about government. It's not ALL of government, just the part where we sign on the dotted line saying, "Here's some of our freedoms, now protect us."

That's what filosophers call a social contract. Anarchy, bad. Arg.

There's a UIC professor who said something queer regarding society and gangs. I never really heard what he had to say since it wasnt his thesis. It was just some offhand comment that spread around the campus. He said, and I paraphrase:"Gangs are sometimes beneficial to society."

For some reason, that profundity jolted a memory from my head. The halycon days of highschool--unless of course, you were a metro user, in which case, it was russian roulette with some punks from the Clinton H.S. who made it a sport to mug other High Schools. It was always the same 2 or 3 groups. If only a police was there, you say. There were 2. And so when I spotted a group of familiar Clinton faces, I did my job as a civilian and experienced coward; I promptly told the police on them.

The policeman laughed. Weakling. Fight your own battles. He didnt say that out loud but i've always been good with faces.

So the Clinton kids kept on robbing the Bronx Science kids. A week later, a vietnamese acquaintace of mine was slashed. Turns out, the Clinton Kids are good with faces, too. It was a grotesque scar. Pink, fleshy and long. I don't quite remember how he looked like but I do remember how ugly he became.

Most ppl unconsciously herded together after that. But the Clinton kids didnt need numbers. They had a mean streak, and mugging to them, i later discovered, was a sport.

It's likely that this vicious ritual continues to this day. After all, dumb kids don't like smart kids. Always will be, always has been. But would'nt mart kids, if they had been truly smart, have found a way to stop them?

Maybe if there was a gang to hire. A protection fee to pay whenever the Clinton Kids over extended their domain. Gangs would have been useful then. It would have prolly been most useful to the kid who got his face carved like a turkey, eh? Face it, sometimes cops dont do their job. It may be ineptitude or it may be the fact that there's so much crime and so many cops. I dont really care. Some kid got his face scarred for life. And that's messed up.

Hey, from a gang perspective, criminal or illegal activities are nothing more than services that a government refuses or inadequately provides.

Chew on that.

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