Sunday, June 12, 2005


Movie Rant: Daemon-Bourne

I kinda dug the movie Bourne Identiy so I did some research on the Bourne Supremacy
Here's an interview i picked up over at darkhorizon

Matt Damon's got a good Harvard head on his shoulders.

Question: Do you get disappointed with the kinds of big action movies Hollywood makes?

Answer: Yes more often than not I'm disappointed in big studio fair, the higher the budget they in for a lower common denomination a way and a... I mean I had this conversation with my father, we were driving in New York, I think over Christmas, and we were passing all these bus stops, and all these posters for these movies, and after about 20 blocks he said, I haven't seen one poster for a movie that I want to go see. And I said Dad, if you see a poster of a movie that you want to see, someone should lose their job in the marketing department. Because they don't market movies for 60 year old men they market them for 13 year old boys and a, particularly the big ones, you know, and so yeah, when I choose the movie it's always with that in mind with thinking about, trying for instance in the movie try to make it smarter, try to make it different, try to make interesting and try to make it be about the character, we want it with both these movies to be about you know, this character driven action movies where the character grows organically out of the story and you are not setting your watch to the explosion. As my theory on porn movies. , on action movies, you know how tired I am, Yeah, No. It's all going to make sense in a minute. My theory on action movies is that they are like porn movies, right, honestly think about it right, a porn movie "this is important". A porn movie's got really bad writing, really bad acting and really silly drawn characters and they have a really shitty scene and they talk and say hey you know "I am the milk man" you know, and it's really bad and you know what's going to happen and then there's some action, and then you get the action and then you don't really feel anything for the action and then when the action's over then you get another action and then you get another really stupid scene with you know, Hey I'm the Male. And nobody dies.

Answer: Yes and nobody dies right. And that's the difference between porn movies and action movies.

Question: Would you do porn movies?

Answer: What's that?

Question: How do you feel about doing porn movies?

Answer: I'm feeling like I can but I want to do is a character-driven porn movie. It's all going to be about characters, and the porn's gonna grow all out of the character's and it's going to serve as character development.

Actually Doug said to me he wanted us to the first director and actor team that made the porn version of the actual movie. Because you know how movie titles get porn titles, they have movies, they rip them off and Doug suggested that he and after the first movie, makes the Porn Identity and is the first people ever to do that.

Question: Is there anything you have regretted turning down?

Answer: not yet, nothing yet that I regretted turning down.

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