Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Movie Commentary: Christopher Nolan and the Fate of Batman

Christopher Nolan wrote "The Following" so if that's good then Batman Begins is good too. Its actually pretty nice. I mean, it starts off with a memory sequence narrated by a voiceover between two ppl. This memory sequence ends after the young man spots a fresh face, and then eveyrthing darkens around this face which in turn makes this face somewhat clearer but not closer. Then the words "just like that" signifies when everything turns dark, even the target's face. When it lights up again, the camera is on the room with our polite protagonist facing an older man.
And then they talk up a storm, leading to another fade out to another memory sequence.

Memento is like an advanced version of The Following. It's paced a bit better because of the mystery/hook in Memento is far more interesting than the one in Following. The first scene in memento is a reverse gunshot to the head, followed by a man who voice overs: I dont remember squat.

Christopher Nolan loves voice overs. And he knows how to use them. Can Christopher Nolan Write? I didnt think the main character in Following had any of those 'personality defining' scenes...you know, the relationship stuff or dialogue like "I hate puppies." Those Whedonesque one-liners or situations between characters that define two personalities is what I missed. There's a lot of organization of the plot in the script though. Can he direct? Yup.

Can Goyer write? Nope.

Will Batman Begins be good? Who knows?
At least it will be technically impressive. It might not be Watchmen or Godfather or Braveheart but then, it's Warner Brothers. "Be glad of the present course for their is no limit to the depths they can sink to."

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